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Floor Care After Refinishing



Floor Use Timeline

VERY IMPORTANT. For the first two weeks after refinishing use your floors with care. You can walk on the floor 24 hours after the application of finish, but we recommend that no furniture be put onto the floor for 2-3 days. No carpets or water should be used on floors during this first two week period. Allow additional air flow across the surfaces such as open windows to help the floor finish cure faster.

Vacuum or Dust Mop

Vacuum or use an untreated dust mop on your floor regularly. This will keep the sand and grit off your floor that may cause premature wear. Placing walk-off mats inside and outside of key entry points and near sinks will help prevent the spread of such material. If you use non-slide pads under rugs, make sure that they are recommended for use on wood floors by the pad manufacturer. 


Wipe up food and spills immediately with a dampened (not soaking wet) cloth or paper towel. Excessive use of water will damage hardwood floors. Regular cleaning is very important to maintaining your floors and can be done in several ways. Specially formulated cleaners such as Woodwise and Glitsa clean are available through us, as well as Woodwise terry mop kits. Another way to clean is to make a solution of warm water and vinegar, and use this solution to dampen a terry cloth.

Shoes and Pets

Keep your shoes in good condition to avoid spread of dirt and grit, high heels without a protective cap may actually dent hardwood floors. Make sure to trim and buff your pets claws often to avoid scratches and finish wear.

Floor Protectors

Check all chair and furniture legs before placing them on your new hardwood floors. Be sure to apply felt protector pads to every chair and piece of furniture. This allows chairs to glide over the floor without any scratches or scuffs. If you are having trouble finding felt protectors they are also available through us.

No Wax, No Oils

DO NOT wax your new or refinished hardwood floors, also DO NOT clean them with any oil-treated solutions. These will contaminate your floors causing adhesion and problems with future recoats or refinishings.


As your floor begins to wear and no longer easily cleans, recoating is recommended. To schedule a recoating call us at (425) 643-6962 and we will schedule the soonest appointment time possible.

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