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We specialize in the installation of new hardwood floors and new hardwood stairs. The wood is installed unfinished and will be sanded and finished on the job site, resulting in the highest quality flooring. We also provide alternatives such as prefinished and floating floors.

(Installation of new hardwood in progress)

(Installed, sanded and coated with Swedish finish)

We specialize in all wood species including:

Red Oak, White Oak, Brazilian Cherry, American Cherry, Walnut, Maple, Hickory, Fir and more.

Finish Options:

Swedish Finish, Waterborne Finish, Monocoat, Polyurethane and Eco Friendly Finishes.



If you are looking to restore the existing floors in your home, refinishing is the process that will take place. Refinishing a floor involves multiple sandings, buffing and three coats of finish. The floor color can be kept natural or changed with stain prior to coating, customers have a wide range of customizable stain colors to choose from. We also install flush wood floor vents that can be retrofitted into existing floors and installed with new floors.

(Heat register and flooring prior to refinishing)

(New heat register installed, refinished and stained)

Stain Options:

To view our Stain options please visit:

*Please note that stains can be customized and sampled to achieve a client’s desired color that compliments the interior design of the home.


stairs and repairs

Here at Bellevue Hardwood Floors we take pride in our beautiful and precisely crafted hardwood stairs. Stairs are a slightly more difficult and time consuming process but the results are always gorgeous. We offer the same variety of woods for stairs as for our flooring.

(Staircase before our work)

(New Brazilian Cherry staircase)

Repairs & Maintenance

Water Damage/ Fire Damage

Badly damaged areas will be removed and new wood will be laced in. This is then followed by our refinishing process, which will blend the existing and repaired areas and leave the whole floor looking like new.


This is the process we use when any existing flooring has to be replaced and it ensures the most seamless repairs. This process is also used when adding new areas of floor to seamlessly blend the existing and added areas. After sanding a laced area, you will not be able to tell where the patching took place and the floor will be level.

(New wood laced into the existing floor prior to sanding)

(Laced and existing floor sanded, stained and finished)

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